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Emmanuelle la Hérissonne

Emmanuelle la Hérissonne

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They are super cute and adorable, soft and reassuring ; our new Deux par Deux puppets will accompany your children in their games, welcome their confidences, and watch over their sleep. We decided to repurpose and recycle fabrics and trimmings from old collections, to create "a small world to play with" for your children. All of these treasures that had been laying dormant on the shelves inspired us to give birth to a project of hand puppets. Each puppet that we present to you today is an original and unique art piece! Each puppet has been designed and handcrafted with love and skill, right here in our Montreal workshop. This is a limited edition. Be quick. Don't think about it for too long! PS: You will have to give them all the love they deserve! Be sure to wash them on a gentle cycle and to lay them flat to dry.
CAUTION, not suitable for children 3 years old and under.

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