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Floral Cat Eyes Sunglasses

Floral Cat Eyes Sunglasses

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Protect your eyes in the most elegant and sexy way with our Floral Cat Eyes Sunglasses. The extra shiny rhinestones around the frame add the necessary sparkle that will make you look adorable. Grab the world's attention in comfort and style with our Floral Cat Eyes Sunglasses! They will give you complete protection from sun-glare and guard against headaches through eye-strain. Fun, colorful & sophisticated design and always eye-comfort distinction!Features & Benefits🌟Glamorous design to let your personality shine through!Highest quality material(s) to make sure it lasts you a lifetime!The finest rhinestones picked and hand placed for the shiniest and sparkliest sunglasses. Perfect for your unique, bright, and outgoing self!Sleek frame creates a barrier between your face and the stones, there is no scratches or hair tangling!Built-in UVA/B400 lenses guarantee 100% protection from harmful sun rays.Large round frame for 360-degree eye protection

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