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Multiple Use Professional LED Mirror Wireless Charger

Multiple Use Professional LED Mirror Wireless Charger

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It is not only a professional Qi wireless charger, but also an LED makeup mirror. The super slim design makes this multi-purpose charger can be taken anywhere, and the night light design can be used as a small-sized night light.


Material: ABS

-Size: 10.6x10.6x1.2 cm

-Energy input: DC5V / 2A.

-Light adjustment: multi-level dimming.

-Standard wireless charging: Qi standard wireless charging protocol.

-Battery capacity: 500 mAh.

-Charging time: approximately 2.5 hours.

-Number of lamp accounts: 18 custom lamp accounts with high color rendering index.

-Available time: between 3 and 10 hours (depending on the brightness of the fill light).

-Multiple use: it can be used as a simple makeup mirror to better meet the needs of users during the loading process, such as watching movies, facetime, etc.

-Safe use: integrated overload, overheat and short circuit protection.

-Built-in 500mah lithium battery for more durable use.

- Slim: ultra-thin design, thin to 12mm.

- Standard QI wireless charging protocol, compatible with the charging of the QI compatible device.

Package includes: 1 Multiple Use Professional LED Mirror Wireless Charger 

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